Fortnite’s Latest Item: Portable Fort Sprouting Grenade

Fortnite’s Port a fort Is Coming Soon

The latest item that could forever change how building battles play out in Fortnite is now being teased at in the New Updates bulletin that pops up anytime you launch the Battle Royale mode.

Dubbed Port-a-Forts, the items sprout “a quick defensive position upon impact.” It’s unclear what type of fort they’ll spawn, though I’d wager they make the basic recon fort or variations of it. We’re assuming it’s a throwable and not a trap-based item due to the use of “impact” in its description.

We don’t know when it’s coming, though Epic’s cadence with updates is fairly quick, so expect to see insta-forts showing up in the next week or two. I welcome the idea of portable forts as a way to ease new players into some practicing defensive tactics without mastery of the building system (still, don’t sleep on studying your Fortnite building tips), though I’m sure the pros will find weird, subversive ways to humiliate me with them in no time.

Will the Port A Fort Improve Gameplay?

It seems anytime there’s a new option announced for Epic Games’ Fortnite, it’s worth getting excited over. That was true last week when it was confirmed the game would be getting a very helpful vending machine; and now, you’ll soon be able to adapt to some helpful cover.

Fortnite Intel recently posted an update confirming that another new option was coming to the game, in the form of Port-a-Fort.The specific date was not given for when it will be arriving within the game, but it will apparently provide a little defense for players who need it.

My only question now is just how big a foundation you’ll be able to build from such a small item. Will it be a one-story thing, or perhaps just a small thing, like the size of a little outhouse? I guess we’ll find out in due time.

The new updates screen also noted that LTM: High Explosives will also be making, erm, a bigger bang down the road, with a second version; and an exclusive Twitch Prime pack will be up for grabs for subscribers. (That’s not the first time, as Fortnite players have gotten such goods before.)

So keep a close eye on your game, players. Some cool stuff is coming your way, and it wouldn’t surprise us if even more manages to drop into our lap.



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