Why I Hate Fortnite BR

Why I hate Fortnite

I want to state my dislikes here as to get feedback on whether Im wrong, right, or if someone just disagrees.

I VERY much want constructive feedback on this, positive or negative. Opinionated comments are of course welcomed, but Id prefer comments with solid evidence and experience. Now, without further ado, WHY I HATE FORTNITE BATTLE ROYALE:

The first thing to address is mainly the most mainstream and overused, but still standing issue: This is a blatant copy of PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds. The entire concept is the same, and the item and loot gathering system is identical. Unlike the reasons that can be used to refute accusations against something like Paladins, in which Hi-Rez worked on the game at the same time as Overwatch, Fortnite BR was developed after the release of PUBG and takes no indirect inspiration from it, but rather makes an identical game.

The second issue to address is the fact that its community is(inevitably) toxic. Its being free gives more accessibility to people under the age of, say, 13, which creates a community of children who can’t emotionally distinguish between a game loss and the murdering of everyone they’ve ever known and loved.

The third issue is one of the worst: the trailers. The original Fortnite trailer was absolutely horrible, the voice acting and scripting was cheesy, and the trailer showed giant fortresses rather than actual game progression. In the newer trailer, theres a leviathan of a base with well over fifty players all taking out their OP weapons in unison to fight off a hoard of raiders. This is NOTHING like the actual game, as there is little communication between people going solo squad, and everybody is too lazy to build a fortress.

The fourth, final for now, and most important issue is the outright lack of general stuff. This is a copy of PUBG that somehow manages to lack a lot of what makes PUBG good. Ill give a short little list: 1. Attachments 2. First Person 3. Customization 4. Good communication And thats just the beginning.

Anyway, Id like to conclude with a request: Don’t leave comments like “ur wrong” or “OMG YO SUCK KYS” or the like. Preferably nowhere near the latter.


Edit: I should have known that when I posted something stating my opinion a reddit for a free battle royale that most ofthe replies would be from cunts with IQs lower than 20, who think they have the intellectual status of a fucking god. Can’t wait to get more shitty replies from more dumb assholes. Btw, the one person who actually had the neural capacity to understand maturity, THANK YOU.

Edit 2: I’ve played the mobile game. The combat sucks. The building is slow and annoying. There’s no mic system, so squads and duos are basically broken. Also, please stop being toxic little shits.

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