Are Fortnite’s Homing Missiles OP?!

Fortnites’ End Game, Homing Missile Crisis

We’ve all been there in the end game, a straight homing missile battle. You wasted nearly 100 wooden panels in less then a minute battling this guy. Something has got to give! Not to worry – you know you can sneak up on him since he’s controlling the missile – nope! He’s riding the fucking thing, armed with an RPG. You’re donezo. But hey, you’re not the  only one to experience such heartbreak.

Turns out, there’s thousands of us. Maybe even millions. We’ve all been in the same exact situation. it’s gotta stop. But how?

One user on reddit pointed out the fact that the homing missile has 100 life. That’s absurd right? I mean, we as players have that much life. Alot of people seemed to agree that they should lower the life of each missile.

One of the less popular ideas was to put a cap on the amount of ammo you can have. Not alot of people liked that idea. how would the devs over at epic games even implement a rule like that?

Anyways, back to the topic at hand. Fortnite’s homing missile is ridiculously overpowered. There, I said it again for those of you who  chose to ignore me. So say what you will, this is my blog – and you’re reading it. outwardly consuming my opinion.

I’m actually coming fresh off a loss. Not to a homing missile but mostly to an RPG. Maybe the explosive ammo itself is what’s overpowered. Hmmm, I may have to consult with the top negative karma receivers on reddit’s fortnite sub….


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