Will the fortnite meteor ever hit?

Will the fortnite meteor ever take out Tilted Towers?

Listen we’ve all heard the crazy conspiracy theories about the meteor thatw as supposedly supposed to hit tilted towers on april 1st. Nothing happened. Now does this mean that nothing will ever happen? We don’t know, and we won’t find out unless it happens.

What we do know is this; There are vibrations. Not vibrations in the hippie dropping acid sense. Vibrations in the game.

fortnite metoer vibrations decoded

Above is the theory of the Fortnite Meteor; exhibit A:

What we have is a graph pointing out all the quake points in the map.

The quake points when decrypted seem to carry an underlying message that tells us what’s to come in the near future.

Some users point the intense work that would go behind the ever evolving map that a meteor in fortnite would undisputedly require.

The fortnite meteor isn’t so far fetched when you take into consideration the save the world mode is based around the same theme. Talk on the forums discusss the idea that the  2 modes will eventually merge and what better way then to have a fortnite meteor destroy tilted tower and from the crevices come creatures that spew venom and create obstacles in the map.

Well, anyways – Back to the original theories about the Fortnite meteor. The vibrations in the map could very well be just a bug in the game. Why wasn’t the bug there before? Why was the bug introduced with the patch?

Also, has anyone visited the summits? the telescopes…How could I forget about the telescopes. They’re literally everywhere. Can you use the telescopes? No. Trust me, i’ve tried.

fortnite meteor telescopes

Maybe eventually once the fortnite meteor is coming our way, they’ll enable use of the telescopes. That’d be cool.

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