Fortnite Raven Skin Release Date!

When will they release the Fortnite Raven Skin?

Look guys, i know you come here for solid info & personally i’m not one to push lies around the internet or sell you hope…But, this is just too good. So apparently, we have word directly from and Epic employee that the Raven skin will be releasing within the next month. So does that mean it will be in the item shop in april? Or within the next 30 days? Im not sure!

But what we do know forsure, is that the raven skin will hit Ps4 last – the psn players will have the last laugh though because they get an awesome new pickaxe…So I hear.

Seriously though, thats all pretty much hear-say amiright?

Could this be a photo fo the new pickaxe only for PS4 players?

new fortnite pickaxe ps4 players

I’m not toally sure to be honest – anyways checkout the photo below for a full view of the raven skin in all of it’s glory…

So how do you feel about it? you know what I dont care. Fortnite devs will definitely be putting out a lot more skins that top the raven skin. I just hope they don’t continue to put me further into debt. I’ve lost my family and house so far. But my buddies always get jealous when they get an extra long glance at the latest skin while they’re reviving me.

They’re having a huge discussion about the fortnite raven skin over at the Epic games forum

Pop in, give an opinion – tell them ninja sent you.

I honestly cant wait to be the first of all my friends to have the raven skin. It will be a glorious moment for me. If you’re not a Fan of the fortnite raven skin, let me know why – 

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