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Ways to save money on Fortnite Vbucks & Skins Plus

Vbucks, come get ya Vbucks!

Bear with me here, We’ve gotta get that ranking up so the immediate paragraph is just jargon. The advanced tips sections is where it gets juicy.

How to save money on VBucks

For all our fortniters, Fortnite V bucks Lovers and afficionados – We have put together a list of clues that shows us exactly when fortnite will be having their Vbucks specials.

Last November, the devs over at fortnite battle royale announced that they would be releasing free vbucks – Every few months. The patch updates for v.3.1.2 show that commonly mistaken are the weekly update for Vbucks deals. Most recently fortnite released the rogue agent skin with the starter pack. Lo and behold that starter pack was not in the fortnite item shop, it was where you purchase the Vbucks. If you take this into consideration with the news of Epic games new boogie down contest, then you have ample evidence that there are a variety of way to gain massive amounts of vbucks for little to no money.


We want to help fortniters save money on buying Vbucks and Skins. Below are several tips to help you gain Vbucks while saving cash!

Follow These Tips

  1.  Buy Save The World Version Of fortnite and win Vbucks in game.
  2. Win Challenges – Season 3 gave almost 900 vbucks to people who completed the tiers.
  3. Follow Epic on Twitter for announcements on Vbucks deals and free skins

Advanced Tips:

Oh yea, we’ve got advanced tips here for ya!


Okay so 1, you need to goto your local game shop. From there you’re gonna need to head to the section for your console games. Xbox, Ps4…Look for fortnite it should be in the best sellers location. Go ahead and purchase the game and head home.


Now step number 2 is where things get tricky. You’re gonna have to pop the game in – sit back and relax. you’ve got quite the journey ahead. Open up save the world – Sit tight.

Practice for at least 48 hours.  You’re good now, possibly the best. Now search google for places where people talk about fortnite. Get in the conversation.

Wait, did you start streaming? Holy shit. Goto twitch and sign up. Okay, good – we’re in there. We’re golden. So you signed up on twitch – You got a really clever username. Alright so you have to copy the link and spread awareness that you’re streaming pure talent to the internet.

Look i’m gonna be honest, I just got super bored of typing. Im gonna finish these tips off in another post. Catch ya later!


For Now, If it interests you – Go find out about the Fortnite Raven Skin. Rumor has it, Ps4 will be getting an extra item. Jealous Much Losers?

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